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Pregnancy (Part 1)

So, you have just found out that you are pregnant. Congratulations!

The most amazing thing is that by the time you find out you are pregnant, your baby already has a spine and nervous system! The nervous system is already controlling some of the development of the other organs and body parts. In order to develop properly, your baby has two basic needs: Proper nutrition and a properly functioning nervous system. Let’s cover nutrition first.

As a mom, you have to realize that what you are eating, the baby is eating. What you are drinking, the baby is drinking. Everything you put in your body will affect your baby. So it is important that you have proper nutrition. Basically, a diet rich in fresh produce and lean meats should be consumed, organic if possible. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of good quality water per day. Junk food, refined sugar and flour products, soft drinks (regular and diet) should be avoided. For a complete list of food recommendations, check http://www.harperchiro.ca/articles/New%20Year%201.pdf. Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, MSG and aspartame should all be eliminated – do we need to say that?

Some supplements are also recommended for pregnant ladies:
1) A good quality prenatal vitamin.
2) Folic acid, 0.8 to 1.0 mg: absolutely crucial for the normal development of the nervous system and in the prevention of spina bifida (a spinal deformity). Most good prenatal vitamins include it.
3) Iron, 12 to 15 mg: crucial for the development of red blood cells. Included in meat and dark leafy vegetables. Should be in your prenatal vitamin.
4) Calcium: Mom and baby need 1800 mg daily, and should be taken with 1800 mg of Magnesium as well. Raw almonds are loaded with calcium, as are dark green vegetables. You may have to use a supplement, as your prenatal will not contain enough. Contrary to popular belief, dairy products are not the best source of calcium and we do not recommend them.
5) Omega-3 fatty acids: These are the good fats; they are absolutely essential for optimal brain development. The best way to obtain them is by taking one tablespoon of good quality fish oils, or 6 gel capsules. Please note that vegetable sources of omega-3, such as flax seed oil, are not absorbed as readily as the animal sources.

If you have any questions about this very important topic, please call our office.