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Once You Go to a Chiropractor, You Always Have to Go! (Part 2)

Let us review the scientific evidence that supports a regular schedule of appointments, which should answer the statement that one of our patients made a while back: “Doc, I feel so good, I don’t know why I’m here!” 

Patients who understand the real value of chiropractic know that they come when they feel good because they want to stay that way! 

It’s like brushing your teeth or getting a cleaning before you get cavities. You will not hear someone say: “Doc, I don’t brush my teeth, I don’t have cavities!” 

Likewise, you get an oil change on your car before your engine gives you trouble (hopefully)!

Eating a healthy diet, drinking good quality water, exercising regularly and taking time to relax/pray/meditate daily are primordial in achieving optimal health. As well, optimal nervous system function, optimized by regular chiropractic adjustments, is at the very foundation of good health. Your nerves control and coordinate every single function of your body. You absolutely cannot achieve optimal health without proper nerve function.

So here it is, a partial review of scientific studies that support regular chiropractic adjustments (All references available on request):

1) Regular adjustments can slow down or even reverse osteoarthritis.

2) As little as the weight of a dime on one of your spinal nerves decreases its function by 60%. Pressure on spinal nerves can exist without pain even in the presence of disturbance of the central nervous system.

3) Children under regular chiropractic care have superior health, better immune function, and are less prone to infectious processes.

4) A large study involving 2818 chiropractic patients showed a strong connection between long-term, regular chiropractic care and health, wellness and quality of life; 95% said the care had met or exceeded their expectations and 99% wished to continue care.

5) Senior citizens who are chiropractic patients have better overall health, spend fewer days in hospitals and nursing homes, use fewer prescription drugs and are more active than non-chiropractic patients.

6) Senior citizens under maintenance chiropractic care for five years or more are at such a higher level of health that they cost the health system less than a third of the average senior citizen! 95.8% believe the care to be considerably to extremely valuable!

One of the best investments you can make for your health is to get regular chiropractic adjustments. By removing interference to your nervous system, your adjustments will restore optimal nerve flow to every part of your body and provide for optimal function, wellness and quality of life!

If you and your family receive regular chiropractic adjustments, congratulations! You are making a very wise choice. If not, please consider giving yourself and yours the gift of optimal health.

Patient Stories

Aaron Richardson

Aaron has been a patient of our clinic for three years. Adjustments allow him to be able to work, and he says he can work really hard after an adjustment, because he isn’t so sore all over! If he is sore and he cannot get an adjustment, he...

Joseph Wipf

Joseph came to our office because he had a substantial overbite and needed braces. His dentist never thought chiropractic cranial adjustments could correct it and, in fact, thought it was the biggest scam ever. The dentist took impressions of...

Alice Ouwerkerk

In 2003, Alice had an aneurysm (a blood vessel that exploded in her brain). She had angiograms done (because of the aneurysm) and a stroke was induced as a complication from the angiograms. She went on to have brain/skull surgery in 2003 to...


Patient Stories

Aaron Richardson

Aaron has been a patient of our clinic for three years. Adjustments allow him to be able to work, and he says he can work really hard after an adjustment, because he isn’t so sore all over! If he is sore and he cannot get an adjustment, he gets really mad! His mom says, “Coming to get adjusted is the highlight of his week!”

Joseph Wipf

Joseph came to our office because he had a substantial overbite and needed braces. His dentist never thought chiropractic cranial adjustments could correct it and, in fact, thought it was the biggest scam ever. The dentist took impressions of Joseph’s teeth and when Joseph came back after receiving 15 cranials, the dentist could not believe how much his teeth had moved. The dentist called all of his dental assistants in individually to show them the changes. It would have taken 2 years and thousands of dollars with a twin bridge to move his jaw and the dentist says Joseph will not need it now. The dentist was AMAZED! Joseph is very happy to not need braces. It is wonderful to straighten teeth but let’s not
forget what is inside those cranial bones… THE BRAIN… think it might be functioning a whole lot better now with aligned cranial bones? A very nice bonus! Thanks to Joseph’s family and colony for their support and for driving two hours each direction for care!

Alice Ouwerkerk

In 2003, Alice had an aneurysm (a blood vessel that exploded in her brain). She had angiograms done (because of the aneurysm) and a stroke was induced as a complication from the angiograms. She went on to have brain/skull surgery in 2003 to repair the aneurysm. Initially she was numb on her head where she had the surgery but as the numbness wore off the pain came. Since 2005, every night she has combatted debilitating headaches even worse than the aneurysm headache. Now with chiropractic adjustments the headaches have subsided leaving only a small twinge on the top of her head. She believes this too will disappear with continued chiropractic care. We are thrilled for Alice and say a big thank you to her daughters who brought her for chiropractic care.

Phillip Kleinsasser

Phillip came to our clinic because he was having a difficult time learning. He was also very hyper and
was fighting with other kids. He got very frustrated with his schoolwork and got totally “drained”
because of it. After spinal and cranial adjustments Phillip has done much better. His moods have improved as well as his behavior. His teacher even wrote us a note to inform us of his improvements with is schoolwork. Congratulations Phillip and keep up the good work. A huge thanks to his family and colony for their dedication to his care as they drove 4½ hours each direction twenty times in order for him to receive care! Thank you!

Eva Redecop

Eva Redecop was not speaking, except for a few words so her family grew concerned. We did cranial work to straighten her skull bones and relieve brain pressure. She is now speaking new words everyday. Eva was a child who was always sick; “it was awful,” her mom said. She has had no sickness for 3 months now and her moods have improved substantially. She is a lot happier and A LOT more energetic and does not always need her mother around her as she did before. She has become less shy around people as well. She is a little girl that is peppier, livelier, healthier and more talkative, which is a thrill to see.

Neil Butyn

Neil Butyn had a rough entry into this world. Coming 10 weeks early, he spent 10 of the first 12 weeks of his life in the hospital and on oxygen. He had a small hemmhorage on the right side of his brain affecting the left side of his body and Neil is left-handed. Neil`s most visible concern is that he has myoclonus, a syndrome causing involuntary shaking, twitching, jerking and increased muscle tension. The myoclonus started at 18 months and no doctor has been able to find the cause. We started doing spinal and cranial adjustments on Neil and the involuntary movements decreased. Then Neil started grade one, got very excited and over-tired and the myoclonus worsened. He has now improved again. His myoclonus will likely never completely disappear. If you can optimize the nervous system function by removing interference, this can have a balancing effect and ease, even on brain induced, hyperactive movements. Neil still moves involuntarily but he can go to school and do his work like printing a lot easier. 


At 12 months old Phillip was unable to sit or stand by himself, so his parents took him to a medical doctor. At 2 years old an MRI showed Hydrocephalous (fluid on the brain). In January of 2003 Phillip had a shunt put in the back of his skull, which drains the fluid from his brain down his neck and into his chest. With physio, Philllip was sitting and walking 6 months after the shunt was put in. Phillip came to us at the age of 6 years. His speech was extremely delayed, and his learning was slow, but his memory was good, and physically he was up to his age. Phillip received spinal and cranial adjustments. His speech is much better and more importantly there is now a sparkle behind those little blue eyes as the brain has been turned on. He understands better, and thinks better and he is an absolute joy to work with! Thanks to his parents and colony for their dedication to his care as they made a two hour trip each way to come and see us for quite a while.

Susie Wiebe

Susie Wiebe was brought into the office because her mother, Tina, wanted to have the whole family checked. Tina told us that Susie's energy level was very low. Suzie always wanted to lie down, and she was having three long naps every day, even though she was sleeping well at night. That is not normal for a two-year-old! At that age, a child should be full of energy! Examination showed that Suzie had several subluxations that were decreasing the function of her nervous system. After only a few weeks of subluxation correction, her energy level is back to the level of a normal toddler. She loves to play and does not even want to nap anymore! 

Maureen Gaetz-Faubert

Maureen Gaetz-Faubert has been a patient of our clinic since 1998. Maureen has a special condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes her soft tissues to be hyper-flexible and fragile. It caused her a great deal of back pain for over 20 years before she came to our office. It has also caused her bowels to perforate, almost taking her life. After a long hospital stay we started adjusting Maureen. Chiropractic helped her regain and improve her health. Her back feels a lot better and her whole body has been healthy for years. She states that she doesn't get as sick as she used to, and has a lot more energy than before. "Chiropractic is now a part of my life and always will be," she says.

Katelyn Hofer

Katelyn Hofer is a special needs child who has progressed remarkably with chiropractic care and loving, dedicated parents. Before she came to Harper Chiropractic, at the age of 6, Katelyn could say only a few words. She looked like a fish when she crawled as she could only crawl backwards in a zig zag pattern. She was unable to walk at all. Her eyes were crossed and glazed and she would hardly interact with people.

With spinal and cranial adjustments, Katelyn's eyes have become less crossed and much brighter and clearer. She is happier and calmer. Katelyn can sit up by herself now. She can crawl forward and backward. She can now walk with a walker and rides a bike very well. She speaks using many more words than ever before. She knows and can tell you what she wants and what she doesn't want. She has her favorites. Now Katelyn recognizes her own clothes and shoes. She knows Mom & Dad and says "Bye" when people leave. Katelyn always wants a kiss before going off to school! She sits in her own desk at school and she is doing very well on the computer. Her immune strength has increased substantially as she fought off this last round of flu better than her sister.

We thank her parents for being so dedicated to her care and for the work they do with her. This is a phenomenal child who is now starting to live up to her potential thanks to a nervous system that is now flowing freely and no longer under an enormous amount of stress.

Isaac Dyck

Isaac Dyck came to our office in February 2004 complaining of pain between his shoulder blades and neck, ringing in his ears, stomach problems and a bad memory, all had been interfering with his life for years. After only a few months, the pain was almost gone, his sleep was improved, the ringing in his ears was gone and his memory was better. Isaac understands that chiropractic helps the whole body, not just pain, and that it is also great to improve one's health in the absence of symptoms. That's why he brought in his wife and nine kids for care! But what really makes him deserve the patient-of-the-month award is that he referred eleven more patients to our clinic since! Thank you Isaac for your trust and confidence!

Bertha Bradley

Our patient of the month for May is Bertha Bradley. She has been a patient of our office since November 2003. Bertha has Sjogren's syndrome, a condition which, among other things, gives her lots of aches in different joints of the body. She came in complaining of general aches, especially in the back, knees and hips, and she was always tired. Bertha elected to do chiropractic cervical rehabilitation (see pictures) and the results have been astounding. Her energy level has significantly increased, her stress level significantly decreased, and she feels a lot better overall. While chiropractic will not "cure" a specific condition, a properly functioning nervous system will go a long way to significantly improve wellness and quality of life. Bertha has been referring several patients to our office already, and continues to tell the chiropractic story. Thank you Bertha!

Rachel Wurz

Rachel Wurz came to our office in pretty tough shape. Two years prior she had Bell's Palsy which is a spontaneous insidious paralysis of the 5th cranial nerve. This causes paralysis of the face, in Rachel's case her right side. The paralysis eventually disappeared, which often happens, however she was left with unrelenting pain in the right face, eye, mouth, neck, arm and hand pain. Also she had some numbness in the right arm and hand, especially if she worked too hard. It sapped all the energy out of her just to constantly deal with pain. Prescription pain killers did not help so she quit taking them. The only thing that seemed to help was 6-8 Advil daily because it "took the edge off" the pain. 

We did 18 cranial treatments on Rachel with spinal adjustments and massage. She was quote "doing well - really well." Rachel had some reoccurrence of pain with 2 weeks of 10 - 11 hours per day of garden work but we quickly got her back on track. Even her dad said that she is just happier now and seems to have a lot more energy. Thank you chiropractic and the body's ability to heal. Thanks to Rachel and her colony for the dedication to her care! 

Jennie Hyland

Our patient of the month for February is Jennie Hyland. Jennie understands the importance of chiropractic as a way of optimizing health. She understands it in a big way! Within her first month of care, she worked really hard at referring in all those she cares about. She brought in for care her husband, their two children, her mother, her father-in-law, her mother-in-law, her nephew, and she is still working on her sister and her dad. It’s people like Jennie who help assist us in fulfilling our mission: Help as many people as we can in reaching optimal health and wellness without the use of dangerous medical interventions, through the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Thank you Jennie; You’re fantastic!

Velma Sherring

Velma Sherring has been a loyal patient in our clinic since October 1995. She is like part of our family. Her smiling face and jovial manner always brighten up our office. She is a regular weekly patient who says, “chiropractic and massage are what keeps her walking!” Her son is a regular patient of ours who also has been helped considerably. Thanks to Velma for bringing her son in for care. 

The Jaussen Family

The Jaussen’s all come regularly for their wellness adjustment. Jan, mother of the family, explains best the benefits of chiropractic for her family: “Chiropractic has given me and my family a way of life free from drugs and pain. It has given us an alternative that fits in great with our overall view of health. God has made our bodies to heal themselves. Chiropractic has given me the peace of mind as a mom raising eleven children that I am giving them the best start in life and I am seeing these health habits follow my older children into their adulthood, thus giving the gift of good health habits to my grandchildren as well. I thank God I discovered chiropractic.” What can we add to this? Thank you for your inspiration! 

Grace Holtrop

Grace Holtrop has been a patient in our office since 1986 and has been a regular (like clockwork) maintenance patient since 1991. Grace is a patient who understands that regular chiropractic care keeps her body functioning optimally. When she is sick, she comes in immediately for an additional adjustment regardless of her maintenance schedule. She knows an adjustment will stimulate her immune system and she will be better in no time. We thank Grace for her understanding of chiropractic!

Adell Svennes

Adell has been a patient of our practice since January 28, 1999. According to Adell, “regular adjustments allowed me to be able to keep my job.” Also, she feels she is much healthier because she hardly gets sick anymore. Adell is a chiropractic ambassador; she understands the relationship between an optimally functioning nervous system and optimal health. She in turn spreads the chiropractic message to as many people as she can. She has been bringing in to our practice many new patients (sometimes almost against their will!). Thank you Adell and congratulations.

Ruth Waldner

This beautiful little 3 1/2 year old from Springside Colony was not speaking because of significant disturbance to her nervous system. She had distortion in her skull bones and spinal vertebrae that once corrected took the pressure of all nervous system structures that controlled among other things, speech. Within a few treatments she started saying 2 syllable words / sounds. And after about 10 treatments her parents say she is now a “jabber box”. She is still learning how to properly articulate her words but she is a changed little girl! We also have praise to her parents for their commitment to Ruth’s health: They have to drive four hours round trip to come for each of her treatments.

Merril Ferries

Our patient of the month for October is Mr. Merrill Ferries. Merrill has been a faithful chiropractic patient for more than fifteen years, the last ten being in our office. He has never missed a month since he started coming here! He is always smiling and in a good mood, whatever life throws his way. It is truly a blessing to have him in our office. 

When asked why he chose regular chiropractic care, Merrill states that chiropractic takes care of his aches and pain, and increases his level of overall health. Besides, “taking pills didn’t work!”