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Once You Go to a Chiropractor, You Always Have to Go! (Part 1)

I am sure you have heard someone in the past say this: “Once you go, they have you come back all the time; you have to go for life!” In reality, that statement is, quite honestly, FALSE. You do not have to go back all the time, if it is not what you choose to do. When you go to a chiropractor, or any health care practitioner, understand this: You are the boss! You are consulting us and paying us for our services, that makes you the boss. So you decide what you want to do.

You see, what happens, is that different people have different goals for themselves. Some people just want to get out of pain, some want to achieve optimal health and wellness. We, as doctors, have to respect that. Some people, when they see and feel the difference chiropractic makes in their lives, decide to go for the longer term.

It’s similar to exercising: You start exercising regularly. You are doing great for three months. After that, you stop. Have you benefited from the exercise? Of course you have! Would you benefit more if you continued? Of course you would! Eating healthy is the same way: one healthy meal is good for you, eating healthy as a long-term, lifestyle habit is obviously better.

So if it is not clear yet, let me spell it out for you: Once you go to a chiropractor, do you always have to go? No. Any number of adjustments will be beneficial to you, but a long-term, regular chiropractic care habit is obviously better.

While we are on the subject of chiropractic myths… it is also not true that your spinal bones are going to get too loose, get out of place more easily, get put in place in one visit, out the next… all that is total nonsense. No research has ever demonstrated any of this, and it is not true from our experience either.

So when you come to our office, here is our guarantee: You will get our most honest opinion of what your problem is, what we can do for you, and different choices of treatment schedules – with no pressure at all. Then YOU decide what your adjustment schedule will be. GUARANTEED.

Patient Stories

Lisa Martens

Lisa’s mom, Sara, says that since Lisa was born she has always been cranky, not wanting to eat and not sleeping through the night. Now since she has been coming for regular adjustments for two and a half months, Sara is very happy with...

Adreanna Hofer

Adreanna Hofer came in initially for trouble toilet training but stuttered as well. Through spinal adjusting, we got the pressure of her nervous system so she could feel when she needed to go to the bathroom and was soon trained. With cranial...

John and Otilia Froese

John and Otilia Froese became patients at our office in
October 2008. Otilia consulted us first about a sore neck, upper back and arms, which she had suffered from for years. After only a few weeks of adjustments she was already...


Patient Stories

Lisa Martens

Lisa’s mom, Sara, says that since Lisa was born she has always been cranky, not wanting to eat and not sleeping through the night. Now since she has been coming for regular adjustments for two and a half months, Sara is very happy with Lisa’s progress, she is a whole new little girl! Happy, eating and sleeping through the night! Lisa loves getting adjusted and even on the days when she’s not scheduled for an adjustment, she lies face down on the bed and waits for Dr. Pierre to adjust her. We, the staff, love her bright smile and have seen the changes in her disposition since day one. She is a delight to see every time.

Adreanna Hofer

Adreanna Hofer came in initially for trouble toilet training but stuttered as well. Through spinal adjusting, we got the pressure of her nervous system so she could feel when she needed to go to the bathroom and was soon trained. With cranial adjustments we alleviated pressure on the central nervous system (brain) and her stuttering stopped. She has now started kindergarten and is so excited and doing well.

John and Otilia Froese

John and Otilia Froese became patients at our office in
October 2008. Otilia consulted us first about a sore neck, upper back and arms, which she had suffered from for years. After only a few weeks of adjustments she was already feeling the difference it made! John had consulted us for a sore foot, which also improved quite quickly. What we feel is worth mentioning about John and Otilia is that even though the pain had subsided quickly, they chose to follow the intense corrective plan to correct their spines. This treatment was, for them, more particularly targeted towards their necks, which had lost their natural backward curve. The results were spectacular as you can see on their pre and post x-rays. John and Otilia not only themselves receive treatment regularly but their entire family as well. Thank you so much to John and Otilia for their trust and confidence and for understanding the true value of chiropractic, which is reaching optimal health through regular adjustments and proper nerve function.

Joel Kleinsasser

Joel Kleinsasser was brought to our office because he was having difficulties and was delayed for his age, just shy of 2 years old. He had a very misshapen head and was in distress. He refused to eat. He cried through the night and couldn’t be calmed down. He had no energy to climb stairs and always asked to be carried. He was also not talking. His left eye looked about half the size of his right one.

After spinal and cranial adjustments, Joel has changed markedly. He is now a good eater, not picky at all. He sleeps through the night. He goes up and down stairs all the time and is very active. He can play all day long now, aside from his normal 2 hours afternoon nap. His left eye looks the same size as his right one as the lid opens fully and the eye socket has a normal shape. He is now talking and best of all he is always a happy little boy which puts a smile on all of our faces!


Bella Kochan

Bella was adjusted for the first time when she was only a few days old. She had a fast delivery and her mother, Tina, wanted her checked. Bella had been experiencing a lot of gas after eating and was not sleeping well. Her scan showed major nerve interference in the neck area and only after a few adjustments she began feeling and sleeping much better. Her re-scan was taken a month later and showed a tremendous improvement as seen in the scans to the left. We choose Bella as out patient of the month to remind all mothers how important it is to have their babies checked. Who knows what health problems Bella may have encountered later on in life if the nerve interference had not been corrected.

Judy Hofer

Judy Hofer came into our office with heart and esophagus symptoms; she thought she was having a heart attack as she was having lots of chest pain. She was also having massive headaches like she was “exploding from inside of her head.” She could not work and was on lots of painkillers. She was referred here and came with a scan that was literally off the charts. She was teetering on the edge of no return.

Even after the first few adjustments her head and chest started improving. Cranial adjustments “brought her back to the real world.” She feels healthier and has been able to work very hard all summer. She has lots of energy because her body is aligned and the nervous system is working better. She had scar tissue in her neck from a previous surgery and had numbness in her arm as well, but adjustments have helped these too. She still gets small headaches now and again but not the excruciating ones she used to have. Judy was to the point that she just didn’t care anymore and had almost given up. We look forward to continuing our participation in Judy’s return to optimal health and are grateful she came to our office.

Elizabeth Wurz

Elizabeth was referred to our office because she had serious chronic sinus congestion; she even had nose surgery in 1999 to open up her nasal passages. She was actually addicted to Dristan or other nasal sprays in order to even breathe. We started doing spinal and cranial adjustments and some nutritional recommendations for reduction of allergy symptoms. With time, Elizabeth improved so that she only needed her nasal spray once during the night, otherwise she was breathing clearly. Finally Elizabeth realized she was allergic to the fabric in her bed sheets so she changed them and got rid of the only remaining nasal spray during the night. With a combination of cranial adjustments to free up the sinuses and removal of allergens, Elizabeth is doing extremely well. I have seen her now 2 years later and she is still doing well. Thank you to Elizabeth and her colony for their dedication to her care as she drove 2 hours each way once per week for care.

Andrea Mandel

When Andrea came to our office she was in difficulty. She was born 1 month early. She was not gaining weight and extremely small for her age of 2 ¼ years old. She was very irritable, and had lots of ear infections (all her life) and tubes inserted. She had a lot of phlegm and had to sleep with her head tilted way back because she could not breathe. She was developmentally slow: held her head at 4 months, sat at 8 months, walked at 1 1/2 years old, awkwardly, and only had her front 6 teeth. The biggest concern was her enlarged head. The medical doctors did an MRI of her head when she was 1 1/2 years old and all was considered “Okay”. She had two hernia operations and E. coli. infections twice. In summary, Andrea was developmentally delayed, very irritable and sick. This poor little one was having an extremely rough start to life. We started adjusting her and doing cranial work for her head. She was extremely hard to work with at the beginning (too many doctors poking and prodding her already in her short life.) After only 5 adjustments and 2 cranials, her mom noticed that she seemed to be happier - her smile was not so forced. Shortly she was talking and walking better. She had popped 3 new teeth by the 7th adjustment (2 1/2 weeks into care). By 1 1/2 months into care, Andrea`s mom could not believe all the changes and the things she could and would now do. All the teeth were coming - WOW - but poor sleepless parents. Andrea is now acting like a normal mischievous 2 1/2 year old - climbing and getting into everything, talking lots of new words. She now has almost a full set of teeth, nothing like popping 20+ teeth in 2 months while improving and seeming less irritable overall. The most remarkable change is in the size and shape of her head and face. Everyone who visits comments on how her face is so different (especially her forehead). Anyways, a huge thanks to Andrea`s parents for not giving up in those first weeks when Andrea was so vehemently opposed to being treated, and for sticking so diligently to her schedule of care. The changes have been nothing less than astounding! Her life has been literally turned around - what a thrill!

Fred Mikado

Fred Mikado has been a patient at this clinic since 1998. One of the discs in his low back was removed 10 years earlier due to a herniation and the two last vertebrae in his spine were "bone on bone". The pain was unbearable and nothing else could be done surgically. He was so bad that he couldn't work. Fred was really skeptical about chiropractic but tried it as a "last resort". "I was at the end of the road", he says. Between June 15 and August 12 of that year, Fred was adjusted 43 times. Progress was really slow and discouraging at times, but he kept coming and gave it a good chance, even if he thought he couldn't improve. On August 12, at his re-exam, he was 90% better! He kept improving after that, to the point that he hardly feels any pain at all, even 7 years later! He is a very regular patient since, which keeps him feeling great. Fred is thankful that , in his words: "You brought me back from the dead".

Wayne Carswell

Wayne Carswell has been a patient at this clinic since 1995. All the sitting and jarring of his job as a truck driver are hard for his back, so he makes sure that he gets regular adjustments to keep his spine healthy. Wayne is always in a good mood when he comes to the office and really understands the importance of regular adjustments to keep his nervous system at peak performance. He gets adjusted once per week.

Wayne feels he can be a lot more active when he gets adjusted regularly. Also, he is not always sore at work. His outlook on life is more positive since getting adjusted and he rates his quality of life as “much better.” He has no more headaches and says: “if it were not for chiropractic and this office, I wouldn`t be walking!” His message to you is: “you don`t have to rely on chemical drugs that will damage your body. Get regular adjustments: the natural way to better health.”


At the age of 36, B. G. was in such bad shape and in such pain that many days, he couldn't even get out of bed. That's when he decided to see a chiropractor. Slowly but surely, he started improving. Now, ten years later he's taking a degree at the University of Lethbridge, he takes physical education classes, plays basketball, and runs. B. says of chiropractic; "Chiropractic gave me my life back". He also sees the value of regular chiropractic adjustments in his day to day life, and is a regular at our office. B., thank you for your trust in chiropractic and for your confidence in our office!

Ben Morland

Ben Morland started visiting our office at the age of 8, after being diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. His symptoms were head nodding movements several times per minute, accompanied with eye blinking, throat clearing noises and heavy breaths. The goal of his parents when bringing him in was to ease the strain on his neck due to the head jerking movements, and possibly help with the severity of Tourette's. Noticeable improvement was noted after only one month of care and Ben has been a regular patient since then (he is now 15). At his last visit, Ben asked me: "Why haven't I been your patient of the month yet? You got rid of my Tourette's!" Effectively, Ben hasn't had symptoms of his Tourette's for years now. Incredible what chiropractic can do!

Katie Hofer

Katie Hofer was in a serious car accident in 2002. The car accident resulted in her having surgery and 2 plates inserted in broken bones above and around the right eye. The surgery helped restore her facial structures; however, she was left with constant serious pain. After spinal and cranial treatments, she has a “good head” and no headaches. And the real beauty of this, literally, is that the cranial work actually changed the shape of her face, which is much more pleasing to Katie and definitely noticeable to everyone close to her. So thanks to chiropractic, for making ‘model’ material of those treated. The world is more beautiful for Katie in many ways.

Danika Wipf

Danika's parents brought her to the office because she was quite cross-eyed. The eye specialist had given Danika special glasses to wear but she did not like them & would not wear them. He also wanted to do eye surgery on her. She has a brother who had the same thing and needed multiple surgeries. After five treatments (cranial & spinal adjustments) she had a check-up with the eye specialist and he was very impressed. He said she would likely be "grown out of it" within 6 months and not need surgery. Everyone around Danika had been noticing her improvement as well. Also Danika's Mom said she used to be a restless sleeper, always waking up crying and not because of hunger. She noticed her sleeping had improved markedly. She would sleep through the night easily and well. What an awesome experience to be able to help this child with natural safe chiropractic care rather than surgery!


Our patient of the month for January is Mrs. G.M. G.’s commitment to her chiropractic care has been exemplary. She started coming to our office in 1989 and followed Doctor’s instructions relative to her schedule of care. After intensive care and stabilization care, she started maintenance care in 1990. She has been coming every single month since for thirteen years straight. She understands the importance of a well functioning nervous system to keep her healthy and mobile. G. is now in her nineties and loves her regular adjustments. We wish her many more years of good adjustments and good health!


Our patient of the month is J.N. J. had suffered a broken back as a result of a car accident in November 2000. He started care in our office on November 12, 2002. His back is doing much better and he has also noticed many other improvements in his life and his health. His headaches and heartburn are gone and he has also noticed improvements in his muscular strength, breathing, digestion and sleep patterns. J. has to be congratulated and commended on his compliance and punctuality with his scheduled appointments. The severity of his injuries required a lengthy intensive phase of care and J. traveled from Vauxhall several times a week for months, rain or shine, even in snowstorms! J. also holds our record for how many patients a single practice member referred in a single day: SIX

Marion Reimer

Marion Reimer has been a patient of this clinic for fourteen years; as well as her husband, children and grandchildren. They are all wonderful people and a joy to have in our office. Simply put, Marion is someone who understands how chiropractic can improve and maintain one’s health. She, like us, wonders how anyone can survive without chiropractic. We are truly thankful for the positive effect that chiropractic has in her health. And certainly for her continued trust and confidence in us!

Dawsyn Harke

Dawsyn Harke started having seizures not long after her 6 month vaccinations. She has had multiple seizures at increasing frequency. Dawsyn was referred to our office to see if cranial adjustments (moving the skull bones) would help the seizures. To make a very long story short, with spinal and cranial adjustments, homeopathic detoxification of the vaccinations, Quantum Xeroid treatments, lots of prayers and faith from her parents, Dawsyn is doing considerably better. She is on a very low dose medication now. So low that her medical neurologist says there is likely no detectable trace in her blood. Her seizures are very short (few seconds) and mild and are becoming less frequent. At time of this report, it has been 43 days without a seizure. She is a bright, beautiful little girl with a future which is hopefully considerably easier and better now. Thank you to her parents who would not listen to traditional medical care theories and dared, through lots of faith, to try some “alternative health practices;” they have changed their little girl’s life! 

Adrian Hofer

Adrian Hofer presented to our office with a substantially misshapen skull. At 11 months of age Adrian could not crawl or get into a sitting or standing position. He was very poor with his physical skills. Adrian had been working with “Children’s Health and Development Services” since 6 months of age. After 1 month of treatments from Dr. Harper (on his spine and cranium), his home-based therapist was intrigued by what was happening to Adrian. He had learned 5 new things: getting up and down from standing position, side stepping while hanging on, turning while standing, getting in and out of the sitting position and reaching with both hands while playing. “Lots of new changes” the therapist wrote. It is amazing what correcting the shape of the skull bones and taking some pressure off the central nervous system can do. Chiropractic adjustments, lots of prayers and support from the Hofers, and his parents who made the 250 miles round trip 3 times per week for 2 1/2 months, can honestly produce miracles! 

Ashlin Malik

Ashlin Malik was adjusted at 10 hours old in the hospital. Her mother, Jesy, was adjusted regularly throughout her pregnancy, resulting in an all-natural delivery following a 2 hour, 41 minute labor. Both mom and baby are doing great. Ashlin has been adjusted regularly since. She is eating well, sleeping well, doing the other baby thing well, and is now starting to coo. She is also really good at playing the piano (just kidding). The only cries if she is hungry or very tired. Her mom realizes that Ashlin is in need of an adjustment when she has trouble falling asleep or starts spitting up. Everything gets back to normal after an adjustment.

Tom Wall

Our patient of the month, Tom Wall, has been a patient at our clinic since September 23, 1986. Since that time he has been adjusted every week, which means that he has received approximately 750 adjustments!

If you ask Tom why he gets adjusted weekly, he will tell you “It’s the only thing that keeps me alive!”

Between his work, which requires him to assume many different uncomfortable positions, and his volunteer work as a firefighter and emergency rescuer, his level of physical, chemical and emotional stress require regular adjustments. Thanks Tom for being so great and for making a big difference in our community.

Dylan Laturnus

Our patient of the month is Dylan Laturnus. Dylan had his life changed through chiropractic care. Chiropractic produced dramatic results from the very first adjustment. He basically went from a very unhappy and miserable little boy to a normal happy kid. He went from a life on antibiotics and other drugs to a healthy, drug free lifestyle. His mom, Debbie, who was skeptical about chiropractic is now one of our staff members and the whole family, of course, gets checked regularly for subluxations


Our patient of the month for December is D.V. D. has an incredible chiropractic story. She had serious stomach problems that escalated through a period of six years. She ended up with a relentless, “incurable” stomach infection that did not respond to medication. She could not eat anymore. The only chance she had to get out of that situation and stay alive was a surgery in which she had only a 50% chance if coming out alive. She started getting adjusted in May of 2002. For weeks she kept getting adjusted with very little improvement. Slowly but surely, she started to get better. By August her stomach infection had resolved, she could eat again, and won’t need to have surgery. Chiropractic saved her life! (With the help of her husband who dragged her in here!)