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New Year, New Beginning (Part 2)

In our last column, we covered the first part of our motto "Eat well, Move well, Think well" for optimal health: nutrition. This week we will cover the "Move well" part: exercise and chiropractic. We want to make something very clear: You cannot use your food optimally if you do not exercise, and you cannot exercise optimally if you do not eat the right foods! These two are inseparable if good health is what you want.

A friend emailed a funny cartoon to us the other day. The doctor is asking his patient: "What would fit your schedule better, an hour of exercise per day or being dead 24 hours a day?" We realize that taking time to exercise several times a week is hard to fit into your busy schedule, but it is essential. The first step in being successful at any exercise program is to get started! Many of us just say we are going to start tomorrow, or the next day, or next week. If you are serious about getting healthy, start today! Do five minutes if that's all you have to spare; it is better than no exercise at all.

Your goal should be to increase slowly the duration and intensity of your exercise, and do something daily. Obviously, start at your own level, and consult your health care professional before starting if you have any health concerns, or if you are badly out of shape. Choose an exercise that you like, that will help you keep up with it. Walking, jogging, biking, elliptical training, swimming, weight lifting are common choices. Yard work, shoveling, cleaning the house and other activities count as exercise if they are performed at a level that increases your heart rate and gets you to sweat a little.

Research clearly shows that our sedentary lifestyle is a major contributing factor to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. We were made to move and work physically, not sit all day. So once again, start today! You cannot succeed if you do not start!

The other point we need to cover is chiropractic. What does chiropractic have to do with all this? You see when your spine is not moving properly, you absolutely cannot enjoy optimal health. The proper motion of the spinal joints is essential to the proper function of the rest of your body. We now know from research that the motion receptors in the joints of your spine send a great deal of information to your nervous system all the way up to the brain. This information is essential for optimal brain and nervous system function. In fact, it is so important that half of the entire spinal cord is made up of the "movement-sensing" pathways, and half of the neurons of your entire nervous system are in the cerebellum, the organ that analyzes and transmits this information to the brain! When you have a subluxation, this mechanism is compromised because subluxations keep your spinal joints from moving properly, if at all. This can lead to decreased brain efficiency and affect the way you think, feel, behave and relate to others.

Movement is life and chiropractic check-ups are an essential part of your journey to optimal health. Good nutrition and exercise cannot lead to complete health if your spine and nervous system are not working properly.

So start exercising and get a chiropractic check-up, it could change your life!