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New Year, New Beginning (Part 1)

Happy New Year! With the start of every New Year come resolutions, or at least the thought of resolutions! Many of these resolutions pertain to health improvement, whether it is to improve your diet, lose weight, start exercising, etc. Many of these resolutions last for a few weeks or a few months, or never get to be implemented at all.

So we thought that for our first column of the year, it would be appropriate to give you some guidance to make it easier for you to achieve better health and wellness in 2017. The simple plan - "Eat well, Move well, Think well"* - should help in getting your health back on track, increase your energy level, help you lose weight if you need to, and ward off disease for years to come.

The first part we need to cover is the "Eat well" part. It always amazes us how people can actually function with the stuff they put in their mouths. It catches up to them though. Years of bad nutrition is strongly linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, to name a few. Bad nutrition also leaves your body more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria, and leaves you low on energy.

Our eating recommendations are actually very simple and will transform your health in a way that will truly impress you (if you follow them!):

Avoid: Sugar; grains - bread, pasta, flour and corn products; processed foods, chemical additives such as dyes, MSG, aspartame; dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc.; juice, pop and all sugary drinks.

So, if you eliminate all these things, what are you going to eat?

Consume: Lean meats, eggs, fish; vegetables; fruits; seeds and nuts (except peanuts).

Choose organic produce if possible, wash thoroughly all produce. Drink only good quality water, herbal and green teas totaling 8 to 10 glasses per day. Use olive oil for salads and veggies, coconut oil for cooking.

While this way of eating may seem drastic for some, it is the way that our ancestors consumed food, and has been shown to be best suited for our genes. Some of the recommendations might shock some people, but they are based on research.

Another thing that we need to cover is when to eat. Your mom was right when she said not to skip breakfast! Make sure you have a good breakfast. Try a combination of fruit, fruit smoothies, nuts and seeds, eggs, instead of the traditional toast/bagel/pastry and cereal. Have a midmorning and mid-afternoon snack consisting of raw fruit, vegetables and/or nuts. Have lunch and supper from the list of foods to consume, try to avoid bread and pasta; they will drain your energy. Start every meal with some raw vegetables or salad and make sure every meal contains a good source of protein (meat, eggs, fish, nuts). These recommendations will keep you energized for the whole day! Try them for 21 days, and chances are you will love the way you feel so much that you will want to adopt them for the long term.

If you have questions about any of these recommendations, please call our office or talk to us at your next visit. Make sure you read our "Move well" and "Think well" parts. All three are essential to great health!

* We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. James Chestnut for his research and contribution to our knowledge about wellness.