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Holiday Season

It's that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner. While this is actually a great time of the year during which we celebrate and enjoy festivities with family and friends, I know you will agree it can be a very stressful time too.

Well, just think about it. Along with all the shopping and worrying -- about who to get what, will it fit, do they have one already, can we afford it; and all the visiting -- your friends, your family, your in-laws, your kids; and all the partying -- cookies and milk, chocolate, nuts and beer, chips and pretzels, dips, wine, cheese and crackers (all, of course, before you sit down to a big meal), comes all the last minute rushing around, lost sleep, and I got a million things to do...

That's STRESS! Physical stress, mental stress, chemical stress, financial stress, all kinds of and tons of it! And what is the cause of a subluxation (joint problem in your spine interfering with your nervous system)? You got it: STRESS! And if you have been following our articles, you now know that research has shown that
1- you can have a subluxation without any symptoms,
2- a subluxation hinders the proper function of your immune system and
3- chiropractic adjustments boost your immune function!

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes some of our patients make during the holiday season is to skip a few adjustments - I'm soooo busy! After all this everybody gets sick in January - Gee, I wonder why!

“Take the decision right now to make your health and that of your family a priority this holiday season”. Schedule your appointments ahead of time and stick to your schedule. Take some time to relax, exercise, get enough sleep, and eat (and drink) sensibly. That will make your life a lot easier, a lot less stressful, and a lot healthier this Christmas.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us - it's always a pleasure!